City High CSA

Las Milpitas Community Farm

As an Urban Farming instructor I worked over the course of three years to develop a consistent partnership between the students of City High and the growing community farm of Las Milpitas. Our goal was to start a small group of young farmers and build a small CSA for the students and teachers of City High School. 


CelLScapes Photo Contest

A community-wide photo contest that invited locals in Telluride, CO's picturesque community to share the beautiful photos they took everyday on local hikes! The contest culminated with a celebratory exhibition hosted by Telluride Arts that showed over 500 images made by nearly 75 local participants.

Smell Twister

Fluxus Family Day

Collaborating with  the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, I designed a series of events for new art lovers based on the Fluxus art movement. Participants experimented with concrete poetry, making custom Flux Boxes, street sweeping and tried out Smell Twister...