Technicolor Cabin

cast porcelain

By swapping the original Lincoln Log material for porcelain I wanted to create a more precious building experience. Instead of stacking chinked, hewn logs, you are stacking fragile, hollow porcelain pieces. The delicate and colorful forms achieved with this new material create a new way to speak about home, place and the people who comprise it. 


I grew up in a log cabin built by my parents, Frances and Tom. There was an engraving in the basement cement floor that read, 'This is the house that Tom built.' My mom inscribed it when the foundation was still wet.

They had ordered and then constructed the cabin from a kit that was shipped to Maryland from New Hampshire. With the help of some friends they managed to put together the house where my mom still lives with my step-dad who added an 'a' to the engraving. It now reads, 'This is the house that aTom's built.'  It is time I had a cabin of my own.


My parents' cabin in Scientists' Cliffs, MD.